How Can I Customize Events?

There are many ways to customize events that you create with your Calendar app. This guide shows you the various ways you can do that using the advanced settings menu. 

After signing in to your Calendar app account, go to Schedule Event on the main menu. 

Once you select Scheduled Event, you can then choose to Create an Event by clicking on that box.

Once you click on Create New Event, you have the option of either Create Event or Advanced Settings. In this case, you will want to choose Advanced Settings to learn about the other ways to customize your events. 

There are many advanced settings to choose from. First, there are Invite Questions, which you can add to customize or use our suggested invite questions. To add your own question, click on where it says "+Add a Question."

Next, you can choose how schedulers receive reminders by turning them On or Off as shown below. Also listed below you can include cancel and reschedule links on a user's invite or include a cancellation policy.  

Other options include Buffers, which schedule space between meetings in case they run over or for just a break between sessions. Also, you can choose to limit the number of events that would be able to be scheduled via this event type. There are suggested time boxes to choose from or you can choose the custom box to schedule your own. 

The next is the Minimum Schedule Notice, which prevents others from scheduling with you on a last-minute basis. 

Then, there are three other customizable features to consider among the available advanced settings. 

You can choose to set an attendee limit, select what calendar to sync with, and whether or not to automatically accept invites that are created through this event type. 

With these more advanced settings, you can optimize the Events feature on your Calendar app. 

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