How Do I Change My Calendar View?

Sometimes, it helps to change your perspective. That is often the case with your calendar.

Some days, you may be doing short-term planning and just want to see a day or a week view while other times it helps to get a month or year view. 

This help article shows you how you can look at various views of your schedule and time with your Calendar account.

Open up your Calendar. When you open it, the calendar defaults to "Today."

Where it says, "Today," on the left side of your screen, there is a down arrow next to it that indicates that this is a pull-down menu. 

When you pull it down, you will see the various calendar views to choose from. 

When you choose, "Day," it will look pretty similar to the "Today" default view. 

The next option is the "Week" view:

However, if you have a traditional work week, you can also select the "Weekday" view:

For more long range planning, you can also select the "Month" view:

Lastly, you can opt for the "Year" view:

Within each view, you'll be able to look at your schedule, add events, and become more productive.

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