How Do I Customize My Calendar?

Having a customized calendar makes it feel more like your own and also sets it apart from any other calendars you may use or integrate with the Calendar app. Here are some tips to make the Calendar app reflect your preferences.

The first place to start with calendar customization is under the Settings menu listed in the top right-hand side of your screen.

Here, you'll be able to customize some general features, notifications, connected calendars, and more. 

Click on the General settings menu to customize the basics of your calendar. These include your profile picture, name, and title. Just click on edit to make those changes. Other information may remain private like your Calendar link, phone, and email address.

The next place to customize your calendar is on the same page. By scrolling past these first general settings you'll get to a section entitled "Preferences" shown below.

You can select your preferred time format and automatic timezone by moving the buttons from "off" to "on." There is a drop-down menu to change your timezone and what day of the week your calendar starts. 

The next aspect of your calendar that you can adjust is your security settings. This includes changing your password as well as choosing to enable two-factor authentication or turn it off as shown below.  

Then, you can choose Notifications to make some specific changes there. Depending on what you prefer, you can receive notifications about calendar updates through email, SMS, and on your desktop. 

Move the button to the right to turn these notifications "on" or left to turn them "off." You can also opt to receive notifications for news, updates, and announcements from Calendar or turn this option to "off."

Next, you can customize what calendars you connect to the Calendar app. There are options to connect your Google Calendar.

Also, you have the option of connecting your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and your iCloud Calendar.

For all three calendar integration options, all you need to do is press the "plus" symbol for each one and follow directions. We have tutorials about how to connect each type of calendar. 

The settings menu also shows Integrations, but we discuss how to integrate various applications in another tutorial. 



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