How Do I Downgrade My Calendar Account?

While we would hate to see you downgrade to a lower subscription plan because it means you will miss out on some beneficial features that help you manage your time, we understand that things happen and plans change. 

This help guide shows you how to downgrade your account from one subscription plan to the next tier down:

Open your Calendar account and go to the menu in the top right-hand corner where your name and picture appears. Use the pull-down menu to get to "Settings." 

Once you select "Settings," another screen will appear with various options. Choose "Billing." 

Then choose "Manage Plan."

Once you select "Manage Plan," a list of subscription plans will appear. Select the plan you would like to downgrade to from the Calendar plan you currently use. 

For example, if you were using the "Pro" plan, it will show it as your current plan. But, if you want to return to the "Basic" plan, you would then select the option for that plan. You can do the same if you had a "Business" plan but want to return to the "Pro" or "Basic" plan. 

From there, Calendar will contact you and adjust any billing or payment information necessary for the new subscription plan.  

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