How Do I Edit an Event?

Go to your Events page. You'll see three little dots on the top right-hand corner of each event. It will look something like this. Click on it.  

Click "Edit Event." This will take you to your event page where you can edit any of the details on that page.

The first thing you'll see is the name of the event. Easy to change. 

Next, you'll be able to select the times available for the event you'll be able to select your own.

Where can the meetings happen? You can choose either remote or in person.... or both if you please. This allows you to have people meet or call you.

Many meetings are done via Zoom or other similar services.

You can paste these in the remote section. This will be either a phone number or meeting link.

The event link (which you can easily copy) is the name of the event above. If you change that, it'll change this link.

Next, you'll see "What is your availability for this event type?" where you can easily drag and select the times that you're available for people to schedule meetings.

To change, grab ahold of the little arrow.

This will allow you to allow more or less time by dragging your availability for each and every day.

Not seeing any time or place to select a time? No problem, just click on the day you want, and an hour slot will show up!

The very last step is to click "Save Event" at the very bottom right of the screen.

This will save your event and save all edits that you've made.

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