How Do I Set Up Calendar For a Company and Team?

There is a lot you can do with Calendar that helps teams manage their time and be more productive. That's why Calendar created a Team calendar environment. This guide walks you through the steps to set up the team features. 

The first step after signing in to Calendar is to go to Team on the main menu found on the left side of the screen. 

After selecting "Team," you'll see a new screen with three options: Profile, Members, and Settings.

Let's start with Profile. First, you can add a profile image. Click on Edit. 

This allows you to upload a photo from your computer or drag and drop an attachment. 

Next, you can add your company name by again selecting Edit. Now, you can change the company name.

The next step is to add a company website. Again, choose Edit. Enter the company website address.

The next step is to enter the company's phone number. Add the phone number for the main company contact. 

Finally, you can add in a contact's email address.

The next step in setting up your team account is to add team members, which is the second tab. The members' tabs show existing members and provide a search function to find members when you have a lot listed. 

To add a member, click on the "+" sign next to "Members."

You can enter a new member's email address and send them an invite. Once they accept, they will be listed as one of the team members. Keep doing this until you have added all the members you wanted to include. 

Next to each team member is three dots on the right side of the screen in their name box. Clicking on this reveals a new drop-down menu where you can make a member an admin or you can remove them as a team member.

Finally, there are some choices to make under the Settings menu, which is the third tab for the Team menu. 

Here, you can make decisions like requiring that members use the company domain name for their calendar or editing the domain name that should be used. The other settings option is to delete a particular team that has been added. 

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