How to Connect Your Outlook Calendar with Your Calendar Account

Connecting other calendars to your Calendar account means you can have a comprehensive view of all your work and life appointments as well as of any other events that are added to those calendars by colleagues, family, and friends. 

One of the most widely used calendars is Outlook. If you would like to connect your Outlook Calendar to your Calendar account, this help article will show you how in just a few simple steps. 

First, open your Calendar account, log-in, and go to your "Settings" menu, which is found in the top right-hand corner of your screen as part of a drop-down menu. 

Once you select "Settings" you'll see a number of options that include "Connected Calendars." Select this option so you can scroll down and begin the steps necessary to connect your Outlook Calendar to your Calendar account. 

Next to the Outlook Calendar option is a blue "+" symbol. Select that to get started on connecting the two calendars. 

A pop-up window will appear asking you to sign into your Microsoft Live account as shown below. You'll enter your email address, phone number, or Skype ID followed by a second prompt for your password. 

From there, you will get another screen where you will need to verify that it is okay to connect your Outlook Calendar with your Calendar account. 

You'll also get an email to let you know that a new app has been added to your Microsoft Live account just to verify that you had indeed authorized such a connection. 

Now you are ready to go. You'll see under "Connected Calendars" in your "Settings." 

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