How to Connect Apple Calendar with Your Calendar Account

Do you want to connect Apple Calendar with your Calendar account? This help guide shows you how to connect both calendars to get more from both. 

First, open and log-in to your Calendar account. Then, choose "Settings" from the top right-hand corner of your screen where your name and photo appear. 

From there, choose "Connected Calendars" from the choices on your "Settings" menu as shown below:

There is a list of calendars you can connect. Scroll down until you get to Apple Calendar:

Click on the blue "+" to start the process of connecting your Calendar account with your Apple Calendar.

A pop-up screen will appear as shown below:

Once you enter that information, select confirm. 

However, there are some other steps that you will need to take with Apple to ensure a successful connection of your Apple Calendar and your Calendar account. you will first need to create an app-specific password.

Before doing the above action, you will need to first set-up two-factor authentication as part of your Apple ID.   

Visit the Apple ID site and sign-in using your iCloud username and password. Select "Generate Password" from the Security tab. Follow the steps on the screen to create this app-specific password for Calendar. 

Now, return to the Connected Calendars tab in your Calendar account "Settings" menu and follow the above step to enter your iCloud ID as the username and the new app-specific password that you generated with Apple to log in. 

For more information, you can also view Apple's official document on setting up an app-specific password here:

Now, you should be ready to go with this new set of connected calendars.

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