What Options are Available to Further Customize My Events?

To make the Calendar event feature work for your needs, we've added numerous advanced settings that add a deeper level of customization to events. 

Open your Calendar and click on the menu on the left side of your screen. Choose "Availability Types."

From the next screen, select "Advanced Settings." 

First, you can choose meeting buffer time. This buffer provides time between meetings in case they run over or you need to handle some other task. 

Next, you can limit the number of events each day that are associated with each availability type.

Then, a minimum schedule notice so that no one can jump onto your schedule and add a last-minute event or meeting. 

From there, you can choose the attendee limit for that particular event. 

Just before clicking the button to create the event, you can choose what calendar to add it to. There is a default calendar or you can choose the pull-down menu to select one of your other calendars. 

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